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вторник, 10 августа 2010 г.

Tutorial: How to reuse yogurt plastic container

My vegan family eats a lot of dairy products, especially yogurt. I have started to collect and been thinking to reuse the yogurt containers for a long time, here is one of the ways. I use them to make a letter distinguisher for the garland.

1. I cut 0.5 cm of the yogurt container bottom off using cutter.
so I have things like this

2. I cut the letters of the name from craft felt.

3. I cut the foam in the shape of the yogurt container bottom, adding 1 cm to the edge and I stitch the edge.
I pull the thread so the foam repeats the shape of the yogurt container bottom and is tight, so I have things like this (they start to look cute :)

4. I cut out fabric adding 2 cm to the edge of this puffs and stitch the name letters to the fabric.

5. I stitch the edge again and cover the puffs. 

6.Then work freely with the fabric (in this stage stretch fabric works beter), pull it and move it, so the fabric is not wrinkly and the letter is in the middle of the distinguisher (as I call it, may be you can come out with the better name, leave it in the comments)
The distinguisher look like this from the back side

7. I stitch each distinguished letter to the triangle of the garland

8. Finish the garland and put it on the wall to celebrate my son's birthday.

That's it. If you will be inspired and make your own distinguishers, please send me photos.
I also did some other things - for example a lion headband made with the same technology in my etsy shop.
Love the nature!

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